What Look to Pair With Your Liquid Lipstick

Every makeup artist knows which lip colors go with which outfits. Unfortunately, for you, you’re not a makeup artist. You don’t know what goes with what. You’re probably figuring out what to wear with your matte lipstick set, like the ones from Dose of Colors. Here’s the right way to wear liquid lipstick in the summertime without looking like an anime character. Plus, you’ll learn which color combinations you can wear now into the fall.

1. Keep the Rest of Your Look Simple

Liquid lipstick is something that’s not for the faint of heart. It has a deep pigment that appears like a shiny gloss. They also come in a wide array of bold and bright colors, which brings the focus to your lips. The key to wearing liquid lipstick is to keep the rest of your look simple.

For example, wear fuschia with a navy blue turtleneck sweater. Or, you can wear a coral lip shade with a classic camel trench coat. You want to make sure that your lips are the main focal point. If you want to transition from spring to summer, then you should keep the rest of your makeup and outfit simple. The last thing you need is to have bold prints and a statement necklace clashing with your neon lipstick.

Using less color on your eyes and allowing your natural beauty to shine through without the use of contouring will make your liquid lipstick appropriate for the summertime.

2. Wear a Neutral-Colored Outfit

If all else fails, then opt for a neutral-colored outfit. While most people turn to bold colors, jeweled tones, and neon colors, there’s nothing like wearing olive green or dark brown. The great thing about neutral colors is that they complement just about any skin tone. If you decide to wear a bold liquid lipstick, then you should wear an outfit with neutral tones and textured fabrics. This allows your lipstick to elevate an otherwise boring and basic look.

3. Silver Lipstick With White

You can’t go wrong with a silver liquid lipstick that gives you a high-polish shine. It’s the perfect look for music festivals, outdoor concerts, and raves. Best of all, this futuristic color will feel light and smooth on your lips. Metallic gloss lipstick is in this summer, even for brides.

When worn with white lace, your metallic makeup will look romantic rather than disco-ish. Just add a little bit shimmer to the areas of your face where light is reflected. Or, you can become a disco ball if you want to. After all, it’s your summer. Do what you want.

4. Maroon With Yellow

Mustard yellow is one of the most universally flattering colors in the world. When paired with a maroon lip, you’ll bring out the boldness of your outfit. You’ll find that maroon and yellow is an unexpected and luxurious color combination. It’ll bring warmth to your face and skin tone.

This color combination is best for those with yellow undertones. Don’t know if you have warm undertones? Do the T-Shirt test by holding up a white T-shirt next to your face and looking in the mirror. Notice if you see more blues and pinks or if you have more golds and green tones, which means you have yellow undertones.

5. Burgundy Lipstick With Black

Burgundy liquid lipstick is a hot color — especially on the hottest days of the year. This season’s trend is best paired with black. This will give you the much-needed edge that you’ve been looking for. Even better, you can wear burgundy and black together to channel your inner … Read the rest

Guide to Selecting the Right Eye Care Doctor

Few things are more debilitating than loss of effective vision, and eye care should be one of your greatest priorities. Although you can now buy glasses or find eye exams at a wide variety of locations, it’s just as important as ever to seek out skilled and experienced optometrists who can promise you the attention and expertise that you deserve. If you’re looking for such a destination, look no further than Meadows Eye Care, which offers premium and personal service to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Like so many fields of medical and scientific study, optometry is constantly undergoing new innovations and developments. However, many options for eye care continue to use technology and methodology that’s been outdated for years, potentially costing your money, time, or even the potential for effective treatment. At Meadows Eye Care, our doctors stay up to date on innovation in the field, and our equipment ranks among the best in the business. By staying at the forefront of what the industry can offer, we deliver an experience that refuses to cut any corners at your unfortunate expense.

Although many people only think to visit an eye doctor when they’ve experienced significant loss in vision, you should consider visiting an optometrist even without severe symptoms. Whether you’ve been wearing glasses or contacts your whole life or have never received a prescription since the day you were born, checking up on eye health is the best way to make sure that your eyes don’t suffer needless irreparable damage. The convenient office hours offered by Meadows Eye Care ensure that you can find a time to come in for a check-up or prescription update that won’t wreck your schedule or cause you undue inconvenience.

In-house options for contacts and glasses from leading brands and technologies make Meadows Eye Care a one-stop-shop when you’re in need of new corrective lenses. You can receive a prescription from our leading optometrists and immediately apply it to a purchase of high-quality contacts or glasses at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for a budget pair of frames for reading at night or industry-leading technology and quality that transform your vision and exude style, you won’t have to leave or doors disappointed.

Whether you know exactly what you need, Don’t hesitate to contact Meadows Eye Care today to speak with our professionals and find out what we can offer. Clear vision and sunny skies are just a trip to the optometrist away!… Read the rest

How To Make Soup From Left-Overs

Anyone who has been to the supermarket lately knows all too well that food prices are on the rise. The only thing worse than the sticker shock you experience at checkout is the stab of remorse you feel when throwing out left-over vegetables. Do your budget and your family a favor by putting those refrigerator hold-outs to good use in a big pot of pressure cooker extra vegetable soup.

When you hear the phrase “pressure cooker”, do your thoughts automatically harken back to the hissing, steaming monstrosity in your grandmother’s kitchen that used to terrify you as a child? Are you worried about getting burned by billows of steam? It’s time to give the pressure cooker another look.

The reason is that today’s models have come a long way since those of decades past. In modern versions, safety features ensure that the unit remains locked until the steam is released either manually or naturally. As a result, you can enjoy the many logistical and nutritional benefits of the pressure cooker without needing to be unnecessarily worried about accidents.

Cooking in this way enables you to prepare foods efficiently as well as much faster than you would by other means. A minimum of liquid is needed in this closed environment, and the food is done much sooner, enabling the vitamins and minerals to remain. You also save energy, keep your kitchen cooler and are able to use your stovetop or oven for other things.

As the temperatures drop and you crave warm and comforting dishes, your pressure cooker truly can come in handy. Use it today to make the most of what your refrigerator has to offer. If you don’t tell your family that the meal is mostly made from leftovers, they probably won’t even know.Read the rest