How To Make Soup From Left-Overs

Anyone who has been to the supermarket lately knows all too well that food prices are on the rise. The only thing worse than the sticker shock you experience at checkout is the stab of remorse you feel when throwing out left-over vegetables. Do your budget and your family a favor by putting those refrigerator hold-outs to good use in a big pot of pressure cooker extra vegetable soup.

When you hear the phrase “pressure cooker”, do your thoughts automatically harken back to the hissing, steaming monstrosity in your grandmother’s kitchen that used to terrify you as a child? Are you worried about getting burned by billows of steam? It’s time to give the pressure cooker another look.

The reason is that today’s models have come a long way since those of decades past. In modern versions, safety features ensure that the unit remains locked until the steam is released either manually or naturally. As a result, you can enjoy the many logistical and nutritional benefits of the pressure cooker without needing to be unnecessarily worried about accidents.

Cooking in this way enables you to prepare foods efficiently as well as much faster than you would by other means. A minimum of liquid is needed in this closed environment, and the food is done much sooner, enabling the vitamins and minerals to remain. You also save energy, keep your kitchen cooler and are able to use your stovetop or oven for other things.

As the temperatures drop and you crave warm and comforting dishes, your pressure cooker truly can come in handy. Use it today to make the most of what your refrigerator has to offer. If you don’t tell your family that the meal is mostly made from leftovers, they probably won’t even know.Read the rest